Mark Hurrell

Interaction Designer

Hi, I'm Mark.

I'm an interaction designer, developer, service designer and systems thinker. I think about how people interact with objects and environments, and how those relationships change when digital customisation and network-connectedness are introduced.

I create compelling products & strategies that sustainably match users needs to the aims of the client.

  1. 1984

    Born in Exeter.

  2. 2003

    Studied Graphic Design at Exeter College, creating environmental communication work and supergraphics.

  3. 2004—07

    Studied Critical Fine Art Practice at the University of Brighton. A course that centred on conceptual communication and social interpretation.

  4. 2007

    Joined Message as a designer. Learned UX principles, web-standards and associated best practices. Designed websites, products & brand development for Rapha, BT, Katie Price, English Heritage and Farrow/Case Furniture. Experimented with CSS media queries after the release of the original iPhone to create responsive versions of web-apps.

  5. 2008

    Joined BBC News UX team to design and build the first ground-up redesign of the BBC News website in a decade. Contributed to the BBC Global Experience Language [GEL], the updated design guidelines for all interactive BBC products.

  6. 2011

    Joined the News delivery team as a UI specialist. After lobbying the BBC to embrace mobile-first, responsive web-design techniques as a core principle of GEL, I moved to the newly formed Strategic Products team to research and engineer responsive solutions for the next generation of BBC web products.

  7. 2012

    Started working at Government Digital Service helping shape the design principles and working on integrating UK government into a single domain.